400 профессиональных дизайнерских шаблонов Microsoft Office / 400 Professional Template Designs for Microsoft Office

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400 Professional Template Designs for Microsoft Office
400 Professional Template Designs for Microsoft Office
Office Templates | 75 POT | 250 DOT | 75 XLT | 66.14 MB | FSC & FS

This templates will make all your documents look like they were created by professionals in only minutes.

250 Microsoft Word Templates
75 Microsoft Excel Templates
75 Microsoft PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft Word Templates Help You:
Save time with 250 pre-designed Microsoft Word Templates – Look professional, stay competitive with expertly formatted Microsoft Word documents – Create complex Word documents.

Over 250 Pre-designed Microsoft Word Templates can Create:
Brochures, newsletters – Advertisements, flyers – Invoices, purchase orders, past due notices – Annual report covers – Expense reports, sales quotes – Human resource forms, time sheets – Memos and business agendas – Fax cover sheets – Project task lists – CD-DVD labels – Calendars – Letterhead, business cards – eBooks – Photo sheets Microsoft Excel Templates – Save time with 75 pre-formatted templates for Microsoft Excel – Prepare detailed, accurate and reliable spreadsheets and workbooks in minutes – Have more time to evaluate, analyze and plan instead of wasting time formatting and setting up calculations.

What can you do with 75 pre-designed templates for Microsoft Excel?
Expense reports, invoices, inventory control – Purchase orders – Balance sheets, break-even analyses – 401k, retirement & income tax planners – Summary of key accounts – Sales forecasts, product sales goals – Company & personal finances – Cash flow & net worth statements – Calendars, yearly planners – Mortgage calculators – Marketing budgets.

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates Help You:
Create a PowerPoint presentation from start-to-finish in minutes – Focus on quality content, not design and layout – Match a theme or company color set for a highly effective presentation Themes Available with OfficeReady

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates:
Earth – Education – Finance – Human Resources – Nature – Modern – Technology – World Currency – Internet

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