Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2017 6.1 Retail

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Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2017 6.1 Retail
Abelssoft SSD Fresh - если вы счастливый обладатель SSD накопителя и задумывались над тем как такой диск оптимизировать. продлить срок службы, то эта утилита всё сделает быстро и за пару кликов. Abelssoft SSD Fresh настроит вашу систему Windows на оптимальную работу с SSD накопителем, отключит доступ к записи, увеличит производительность, снизит количество операций чтения и записи, остановит ненужные программы. SSD накопители уже прочно обосновались на рынке и вполне возможно, что скоро совсем вытеснят HHD диски.

• Просмотр свойств диска;
• Просмотр данных S.M.A.R.T.;
• Отключение дефрагментации Windows;
• Отключение отметок времени;
• Отключение предварительного выбора;
• Отключение дефрагментации загрузочных файлов;
• Остановка журнала событий Windows;
• Отключение сокращенных имен для папок и файлов, устаревших 16-ти разрядных приложений DOS.

Increase the lifetime of your SSD drive
View drive information
Get information about your drive and the manufacturer. SSD Fresh displays general information suitable for the hard drives that are installed in the computer. You can see for example the storage capacity and how much space is already occupied.
View S.M.A.R.T. data
Modern hard drives use a system for self-monitoring, called S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) system. It analyzes the disk and already indicates defects before they can cause data loss. SSD Fresh reads this information and displays it in the window.
Disabling the Windows defragmentation
Since SSDs have the same access time for all memory cells, there is no need to store them coherently. In addition this, the defragmentation process generates write hits, which reduce the lifetime of the SSD. Therefore, it is highly recommended to deactivate the defragmentation process.
Timestamp deactivation
Windows stores the access time for each file access. This produces unnecessary write hits and thus will reduce the lifetime of your SSD. Disabling of this feature is highly recommended.
Prefetch off
Prefetch supports preloading of frequently used applications into RAM. Because of the fast access times off SSDs, this function is useless and can be disabled.
Disabling the defragmentation of boot files
Because of the way that files are stored in SSDs, a defragmentation of boot files makes no sense and should be disabled as it reduces the lifetime of your SSD.
Deactivation of the Windows event logging
Windows permanently records system configuration changes, as well as crashes and other events from various services and programs. This creates unnecessary write accesses and reduces the lifetime of your SSD.
Storing short name off
For compatibility with old 16-bit DOS applications, Windows creates short names for folders and files, which results in additional write accesses to your SSD. Current applications do not need those names, which is why they can be disabled.
Free or Plus Version?
SSD Fresh is for free, but we would be happy to receive a small tip when you are satisfied with it. Doing so you will help us to continuously develop the software and you can put your questions directly to the responsible developer.

data: 1.2017
Операционная система: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1/10 x86/64
Лицензия: retail dvt
Язык интерфейса: Мl, Русский
Размер: 2 МБ

Среднее: 5 (1 голос)

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