Apowersoft Video Editor PRO 1.1.0 DC 13.02.2017

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Apowersoft Video Editor PRO 1.1.0 DC 13.02.2017
Apowersoft Video Editor Современный видео-редактор , который поможет объединить фотографии и видеоклипы, наложить фильтры, переходы для создания ваших фильмов и слайдшоу.
Apowersoft Video Editor - программа с современным интерфейсом, которая позволит в пару кликов объединить ваши фотографии, а также короткие клипы вместе, после вы сможете добавить к ним всевозможные фильтры с поддержкой их настройки, можно накладывать звуковые дорожки и в итоге у вас получится или красивое слайд-шоу или небольшой фильм или презентация. Плюсом программы можно смело назвать онлайн просмотр результата, вы в любом момент времени можете отменить действие или добавить дополнительный фильтр, не обязательно для этого сохранять весь проект. По завершению создания проекта, результат можно сохранить в одном из поддерживаемых форматов: MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV. Можно сохранить видео в формате для дальнейшего его просмотра на iOS и Androif устройствах.

A modern-looking video creator that can combine photos and short clips, filters and overlays to create short movies and slideshows
Apowersoft Video Editor can help you put together your most precious memories in photos and videos, building carefully crafted videos and slideshows. Alternatively, it can be used to create great-looking presentations and educational content.
Use a timeline to build your video and edit content with ease
With a modern-looking interface that reflects the latest design trends, Apowersoft Video Editor enables you to browse your source media files, preview each photo or video, and simply use drag and drop actions to place them on the video timeline. You can experiment with different settings and import new content whenever necessary. The application is compatible with the most common video, audio and image formats.
Thanks to the built-in editing tools, you are able to alter the contrast, saturation, tone, and brightness of the source photos, or rotate, flip and add them motion. Moreover, videos can be played at higher speed, while audio files can be faded in and out to create that mood you need in your movie.

Insert text bubbles, frames, filters and transition effects in your movie
Apowersoft Video Editor comes with a rich catalog of text bubbles you can insert into the video and place on top of any frame. Furthermore, it uses filters to help you build up the atmosphere. For instance, you can use snow filters for a winter video or disco light for frames that show an indoor party.
The output clip can be further enriched using overlays. There are plenty of frames you can choose from and apply to your media content.
Last but not least, the application features multiple transition effects that help you build up presentations or clips that give the feeling of continuity.

Export your clip as a video file or make it playable on Android or iOS
One of the advantages of Apowersoft Video Editor is that it allows you to preview the result at any moment during editing. Thus, you can make changes on the spot, as you consider fit.
Once your clip is complete, the content can be exported to various video formats (MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV) or to a format that ensures compatibility with iOS or Android devices. This way, you will be able to share your masterpiece with anyone, anywhere.

Supported video/audio formats:
Video - avi, mpeg, wmv, mp4, mov and a lot more.
Audio - wav, mp3, m4a, mid, flac, aac, wma, au, aiff, ogg and a lot more.
Supported image formats:
bmp, jpg, png, tif and more
Supported devices:
Portable devices: Apple, Samsung, HTC, SanDisk, Sony, LG, Huawei, BlackBerry, Amazon, etc.

Windows 7/8/10 x86/64
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Среднее: 5 (1 голос)

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