Helium Music Manager 12.2 Build 14463 Premium

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Helium Music Manager 12.2 Build 14463 Premium
Helium Music Manager - многофункциональный музыкальный каталогизатор, дающий возможность систематизировать Вашу музыкальную коллекцию. Представляет из себя одновременно редактор тегов и имён файлов по тегам, музыкальную базу-каталог и создатель плейлистов по ней. Так же, есть возможность создания отчётов по коллекции и быстрый поиск по базе. Немаловажными плюсами является корректная работа со сменными носителями (CD/DVD) - файлы с них отображаются отдельно, поиск обложек/обзоров/названий треков по различным сервисам, запись CD/DVD, поддержка плагинов, есть даже плагин для Winamp и многое другое.

Ключевые возможности:
• Редактирование информации трека вручную, читая информацию из файла или же скачивая ее из интернета
• Автоматическое переименовывание файлов и создание структур папок, основанных на информации из трека
• Создание и печать отчетов
• Добавление, загрузка и скачивание обложек для музыкальных альбомов
• Запись Аудио CD дисков
• Создание и управление плейлистами
• Анализ качества MP3-файлов и восстановление файлов, имеющих проблемы

New user interface for the Update library tool. The tool now allows updating of specific folders selected from a tree
Startup speed optimizations. Up to 300% quicker startup when using larger databases.
General speed optimizations for various views
Optimizations for the converter tool (uses multiple cores when possible)
Optimizations for the splitter tools (uses multiple cores when possible)
New now playing view
Possibility to use cropping of thumbnails
Possibility to select different thumbnail aspect ratios per-view
A-Z button filter available from the releases, artists and labels view allowing quick jumping to a specific letter. Can be toggled on/off.
Possibility to mark an album or artist as a favourite directly via the thumbnail control from all views
HTML formatting support for biography (Edit artist, artist pages)
HTML formatting support for Album review
New job queueing logic which allows tagging whilst playing and having queued jobs
French language added
Click on the player time to toggle between elapsed/remaining time
Context driven status bars showing more exact information for the active view/filter
Size available as a column in track lists
The playlists a file is contained in is now shown in Properties as a new tab
Performance optimizations in the Music Explorer tree
Possibility to resize the left-bar in the Playlists view
Visual improvements in the Rename tool
Improvements to MP4/M4* file reading so that videos shall not be added
Option allowing the source file to be automatically removed after a split operation
The current Windows regional date format is now used to display dates
Minor improvements to backup and restore operations
File owner added to the rename tool (Tag to filename engine)
Possibility to update a specific folder from the Music explorer > Library context menu
Possibility to move multiple columns up/down in the Select columns tool
Possibility to edit tags for either selected files/items in the view or all items in the view
Improvements to auto-track increase functions in the Tag editors
Filename to tag templates will be saved and remembered between sessions
Album version available as naming variable for album pictures
Download lyrics API available
Major bug fixes in Helium 12.2
Logic for cd-path handling fixes and improvements
Bug fix related to writing of FLAC attached picture descriptions with foreign characters and incorrect text encoding
Proper updating of play counter and last played in the Play queue and track lists
Track list sorting is properly applied in the Music Explorer, Tracks view
Statistics on artist detail pages will now properly scroll when necessary
Properly opening of files with foreign characters in the Analyze tool
Bug fix when manual queue mode could be lost in the Play queue after tagging
Bug fixes and minor improvements related to edit mode in track lists
Bug fixes related to saving of recording year in MP3 files
Bug fixes related to the Smart playlists select by functions
Bug fixes related to locking of multiple pictures in the Advanced tag editor
Reset button properly shows in Music Explorer albums view when using a filter
Various visual bug fixes when removing tracks from a playlist
Properly hiding/showing of active Music explorer root nodes
Bug fixes related to displaying of file owner contents

ОС: Windows 10, 8.1/8/7/Vista and Server 2003/2008/2012/Home.

Среднее: 5 (1 голос)

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